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The Royal Palace of Phnom Phen


Until the sun shone through a side door and reflected on an uncovered patch on the floor, nothing had explained the building's name.

Standing on the edge of the room and with the guards distracted, I kicked back the carpet covering the floor. Underneath were the most intricate silver tiles inlaying the entire hall. Now the name Silver Pagoda made sense.

Built in the 19th Century, the palace was the official residence of Cambodia's monarchy until the Khmer Rouge regime. Today, the is once again the official residence of the King and maintains its importance.

Built in the classic Khmer architecture, the ochre structures contrast with the greenery of a perfectly manicured garden. Which creates a peaceful ambience that invites for a quiet, contemplative stroll. 

Picture it as Thailand’s Royal Palace sophisticated older sister. Contrary to her younger sibling who likes to show off a kaleidoscope of sparkles and gold, Cambodia’s Palace is confident in her beauty. Only a few details make up her outfit: intricate iron gates, Italian marble stupas or silver tiles. And those are enough the heighten her allure. 


Grand Palace Roof


  • As the official residence of Cambodia’s King, only part of the palace can be visited. Allowed buildings include the Throne Hall, the Silver Pagoda, Moonlight Pavilion and a few others temples.
  • The dress code is extremely strict, more than the neighbouring countries. No sleeveless shirts or shorts for men or women. Knees and (sometimes) elbows must be covered.
  • The palace is open in the morning from 8 to 10.30 am and in the afternoon from 2 to 5 pm. It’s a big complex, go early to allow yourself time to see everything.
  • The entrance is 10$ or 40,000 Cambodian riel. They accept both currencies.
  • There are bar and toilets near the exit but we recommend to bring a water bottle. We love our Kleen Kanteen and wouldn’t leave home without them.

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Phnom Phen Palace — OTH